Party Bus to PA! Get your PA License with us!

We take these trip about 4-5 times per year as interest arises.  We are scheduling again.

Here are the details;

  • We leave at 5:30 am from Shooters Haven on 221 West Manlius Street in East Syracuse.
  • On the road for approx. 4 hours with a stop for gas/rest/food.
  • We arrive at the Centre County Sheriffs’ Department around 10:00am and start the processing.  It takes a long time (joking), about 30 minutes for 10 people.
  • After you all receive your PA Pistol Licenses we head for lunch which we pay for at a restaurant we have gone to several times.
  • After lunch we go to Tripoli’s Triggers Gun Shop where we pay for an hour of range time.  You will need to pay for ammo and they use only frangible (indoor and a little more expensive).  The range is nice and well kept.  We almost bought it.
  • After the range time we start back and along the way we stop at one or two gun shops along the way so bring funds.
  • We will have you back in Syracuse at approx. 6pm unless we spend more time somewhere.
  • You may bring your guns locked as per travel through NYS and PA.  Once you have your PA license it is an unrestricted License and you may carry if you wish.

The cost for the trip is $175.00 and must be paid in advance.

*We do not offer refunds.  Any payments made can be used for Course Credits or Merchandise since payment is not required on any Course upfront except for the PA trip and any trip traveling out of town.  These are special interest Courses and take special planning (changing days, making resources available, etc…).