Knife Defense and Fighting Tactics Course

knife defense






Presently this course is in development!

The types of material taught in this course will be;

  • Types of knives and uses
  • Fighting knives, how are they different
  • What is legal in New York State
  • How to carry your knife
  • Points on the body to stop the threat
  • Defensive knife fighting
  • Offensive knife fighting
  • Defense techniques against a knife attack
  • When can I use a knife for self-defense
  • Who do I talk to and what do I say after a Critical Incident

If you are interested in this Course please let us know.

We will post Course Dates when we are ready to start teaching this course.

Thank you

*We do not offer refunds.  Any payments made can be used for Course Credits or Merchandise since payment is not required on any Course upfront except for the PA trip and any trip traveling out of town.  These are special interest Courses and take special planning (changing days, making resources available, etc…).